Stay Sharp

If you’re going to eat a lot of homemade food (which you should) and a lot of vegetables (which you definitely should), then you’re going to spend a lot of time chopping the aforementioned vegetables.  Which you are going to really not enjoy doing if you are stuck using a crummy knife.  I’m no knife snob by any means, but the joy of using a well-made, freshly-sharpened knife is an important thing for any chef or home cook to understand.

The good news is, I’m also cheap!  So I have a good recommendation for you that won’t cost you a lot. My favorite knife is the Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife which will set you back less than thirty bucks.  Throw in a easy-to-use knife sharpener for less than 10 bucks and and spend a few seconds to sharpen your knife at least once a week or so and you’re going to LOVE chopping vegetables.  Like, it’ll be your new hobby.  You may volunteer to chop your neighbor’s vegetables. Watch out.

Note:  Nobody has paid me in any way to endorse these products, I just genuinely like them and want to share my enthusiasm with you.  If you click the link and buy them from Amazon I’ll make like 37 cents through their affiliate program, so that would be sweet, but that’s the only compensation happening around here.


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