Greener Every Week – Another Laundry Option

So I previously mentioned that I wash my clothes with Dr. Bronner’s soap, and that still works great, but last week I was walking around a farmer’s market and saw a booth selling something they called “Soap Nuts.”

In addition to having a name that makes me giggle (because I’m 12), turns out they are an awesome way to do your laundry. They are literally nuts (like, from a tree) that you put in a little bag and throw in with your laundry. That’s it! No softener, no detergent, just nuts. They have a saponin coating on the inside that gets your clothes wonderfully clean and soft naturally. A half-pound bag is $15 from the people I bought mine from or  $16.95 from Amazon – but you can use the same 5 or so nuts for 5-7 loads of laundry, so they’re very economical!

Has anyone else heard of these? With one ingredient that is actually a plant, it seems hard to get much more simple or eco-friendly, and they are supposedly very good for people with allergies or sensitive skin (I’ve used them myself and have had no problems, but I’m not terribly sensitive to that kind of thing). And for those of you keeping score, this counts for last week’s “Greener Every Week” – I’ll be doing another one later this week to get caught up since I was out of town last week.

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