Greener Every Week

Soap Nuts

Greener Every Week – Another Laundry Option

Wash your clothes with nuts!

Henna Hair Dye

Greener Every Week – Dye your hair without toxic chemicals

Dye your hair with natural ingredients

Glass Tupperware

Greener Every Week – Use glass for food storage

Switch from plastic to glass storage containers to keep your food chemical-free

Easy pet hair cleanup

Greener Every Week – Remove pet hair with a microfiber

Clean pet hair off of furniture with microfiber cloths instead of disposable sticky sheets

Polishing Silver

Greener Every Week – Polish Silver Without Toxic Chemicals

How to polish silver with simple pantry items

Glass Water Bottles

Greener Every Week – Use Glass Water Bottles

Use silicone-encased glass bottles for great tasting eco-friendly water

mineral fusion makeup

Greener Every Week – Clean up your Makeup (with a giveaway!)

Organic makeup recommendations and a giveaway!

Boxed Wine

Greener Every Week – Class it up with boxed wine

Boxed wine is an eco-friendly option

Eco Friendly Cookie Sheets

Greener Every Week – Replace your nonstick cookie sheets

A recommendation for cookie sheets without non-stick coating and silicone baking mats

Bulk Bin Bags

Greener Every Week – Bags for the bulk bins

Make buying from the bulk bins even more eco-friendly