Black Bean & Tomato Quinoa

Zesty and surprisingly addictive black beans and quinoa

This was really delicious and had a great complex flavor, especially considering how quick it was to throw together.  Apparently it gets even better after sitting for a while so it seems like a great recipe to double or triple and then have leftovers for lunch all week.

The original recipe is available at Epicurious and is almost perfect – the only changes I made were to omit the butter and sugar (I added maybe a teaspoon more vegetable oil but otherwise didn’t do anything to replace them) it was definitely awesome without them.  I also used my steamer to cook the quinoa instead of doing it on the stovetop.  I don’t like to have too many kitchen gadgets but I really love my steamer – it makes it so effortless to make rice, quinoa, steamed veggies, and a bunch of other nice healthy foods.  The one I have is an old Black & Decker model they don’t make anymore, but if I were to replace it I think I’d get this one since the stainless steel bowl is a better idea than a plastic one anyway.  Does anyone have a steamer they really love & would recommend?

Anyway, the quinoa looks like this before it steams:

And this after (I’d already scooped some out before I remembered to take a photo):

I haven’t cooked with quinoa (which is pronounced “Keen-Wah,” by the way.  The more you know!) very much but at least with a steamer it’s super easy and has a great taste & texture.  I suspect you’ll see more recipes with it soon. I used a cup of quinoa and about 1.25 cups water, steamed for 30 minutes and then fluffed it with a fork and let sit for 5 more.

While that steams just chop up a couple of tomatoes & some cilantro, zest a lime or two, and rinse off some beans. (I did actually use canned beans this time, although I normally try to use dried. One of these days I’ll learn to plan ahead.  Maybe.)  I warmed the beans up on the stove because I didn’t think I’d like them as much cold, but that’s pretty optional if they’re already cooked.

Throw together the lime, oil & some salt in a big bowl and let it sit while the quinoa finishes cooking.  Once that’s done, mix all the ingredients together and either let it sit a while (so the flavors can mingle & generally get to know one another in an intimate fashion) or eat it right away.  Or if you made a bunch, both!

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