Cookbook Review: Appetite For Reduction

If you’ve read many of my recipe posts, you can probably predict that this is going to be a positive review – I’ve only had this cookbook for a couple weeks and I’ve already made several of the recipes. Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes by Isa Chandra Moskowitz is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks for a couple of reasons:

First, of course, the recipes are good! Well-written and easy to follow, so far all the ones I’ve tried have come out delicious. (Her Onion Rings recipe is a shining example) Second, she follows almost all of my “rules,” which is really rare. As a recap, my general rules for cooking/eating are: no animal products, no processed food, minimal fat, no white flour, no white sugar. I also try to eat as much organic as possible but that’s usually just a matter of choice at the store, not so much an issue with recipes.

Even if they are vegan, a lot of cookbooks will still include lots of processed food (fake meat, fake cheese, etc.) or use a lot of sugar or white flour. In this book she uses pretty much only real, whole food, and she’s pretty sensitive to people who are trying to be gluten-free and offers substitution ideas for a lot of the recipes. ¬†She does occasionally use white flour but so far it’s been easy to substitute whole wheat or rice flour or something. I generally don’t count calories – one of the perks of removing so many things from one’s diet is that what is left tends to be pretty healthy and low-calorie on its own – and this book is a great example of that because she lists the nutritional info for each recipe and even the decadent seeming ones come out pretty light.

If you want to get a feel for her cooking style before commiting to the book (although it’s only 12 bucks right now, which is pretty darn good for a cookbook!) you can check out her blog The Post Punk Kitchen at

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