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My food processor recommendation

After my beloved knife, the one gadget I really use almost every day is a food processor (you’ll notice I say “combine in a blender or food processor” ridiculously often in my recipes. Sorry about that to those of you who don’t have one, but…it’s really useful!). It’s definitely the most expensive gadget I own, but at around $80 that’s not too terrible for something I use constantly.

Rather than use a larger food processor like this one, I prefer to keep it light by using thisย KitchenAid Hand Blender, which is a cool combo tool that includes an immersion blender (awesome for blending soups and sauces right in the pot), a food processor (blending. mixing. mincing. pureeing. What doesn’t it do?), and a whisk (great for whipping coconut milk and batter). (edit: that version doesn’t appear to be available anymore, but this one seems very similar and is very well reviewed too!)

I know that some of the other types of food processors include cool blades for grating and slicing and such, but in my kitchen this bad boy does the job just fine, and is light, compact, and relatively inexpensive. The one downside is that the bowl of the food processor is only about three cups, which is less useful for large batches of dough or mixes, but perfect for the smaller quantities I’m usually making since it’s just my husband and myself. Both of the processors I linked to above are great products, so you should of course make the decision based on your cooking style and how much you are usually going to be blending.

So now you know what I’m rockin’ when I talk about throwing things into the food processor. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

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  1. I heart my food processor. I think I use it every single day of my life. Love love love it. A close second place would have to be my mini food processor…. ๐Ÿ™‚


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