Greener Every Week – Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s soap is animal, planet, and health friendly and can be used for almost everything

“Greener Every Week” is my ongoing series in which I do one (cheap, easy) thing every week to make my home or lifestyle more healthy & eco-friendly.

So, first I discovered the ability to replace all-purpose, window & floor cleaner (basically anything you spray) with water & vinegar, and that was pretty sweet.  But then, oh, then I discovered Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Soap and my life was pretty much complete. I’d seen their products around but never bought it because of the packaging (there’s a lot of text on there and, sorry Dr. Bronner, but it makes you sound like a crazy person.  I love your soap, but your packaging is off-putting to some people. Just so you know.)  After coming across some glowing reviews I finally did my homework and found out that this stuff is:

-100% plant based & biodegradable

-Fair Trade

-Vegan – no animal ingredients and not tested on animals at all

-100% Post-Consumer Recycled bottles and paper labels


The ingredient list is nice and short and doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals. But the thing that really sold me is looking at their list of suggested uses – one of them is as a toothpaste.  You guys! Toothpaste!  This soap is literally clean enough to eat. (In case you’re wondering, I have in fact used it as toothpaste – not the most delicious thing in the world but certainly not bad.)

So now that we know it’s super clean and generally healthy, what do I use it for? With just their Unscented Baby Mild I was able to replace:

Hand Soap

Dishwashing Soap (for washing by hand – more on machine washing soon!)


Shaving Cream

Body Wash

Laundry Detergent

And yes, toothpaste (I have a small bottle of peppermint for that)

Basically anything you would have used some sort of liquid soap for you can use this.  Actually, they say you can dilute a few drops in water and use it as a spray too, but I’m happy rocking the water and vinegar for now. The only things I don’t use this stuff for are Conditioner and Dishwasher Detergent. And of course, the beautiful thing is that if you use one thing for all your cleaning needs, you can buy a big ol’ tub of it and it’s really cost effective.

Note:  Nobody has paid me in any way to endorse these products, I just genuinely like them and want to share my enthusiasm with you.  If you click the link and buy them from Amazon I’ll make like 37 cents through their affiliate program, so that would be sweet, but that’s the only compensation happening around here.

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