The Best Organic Ladies Handkerchiefs That Are Soft on Your Nose

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Switching to organic fabric handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissues is a great way to save money & generate less waste.

I am slightly allergic to cats. I have three cats. This means I go through my fair share of tissues. Or I used to, until I switched to old fashioned cloth handkerchiefs.

I used to think fabric hankies were sort of gross (I mean, who wants to carry around a bunch of snot?) But after using them for a couple months now, I’m sold!

I got six organic, bamboo handkerchiefs. Who knew they made fabric out of bamboo? Not me. But it’s super soft and awesome.

It feels so much nicer on my nose to use a soft, organic fabric instead of tissues. It’s positively luxurious, I tell you. Not to mention the money I save on tissues!

So whether you’re working toward a zero-waste lifestyle or just love a classic style that happens to be eco-friendly, I highly recommend you give cloth handkerchiefs a try. I recommend them in either organic bamboo or cotton. Let’s take a look at both, shall we?

Organic Bamboo Handkerchiefs

These are the ones I bought. You can get them here from a cute little Etsy shop called Juniper Seed Mercantile, based out of Littleton, Colorado.

They’re made from organic, sustainably grown, undyed, soft bamboo fabric, blended with 10% organic cotton. The product description describes them as “buttery decadence,” I couldn’t describe them better myself.

Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

These are the ones I almost bought and they’re made by The Organic Handkerchiefs Company, which might be the most niche/specific name for a business I’ve ever encountered. They’re a small family-run business in Florida.

These might be as good as the bamboo ones, but I haven’t personally used them. The reviewers seem to love them, however, and they have all kinds of crunchy bona fides, like GOTS certification, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.

Whatever material you choose, I do recommend going with organic handkerchiefs since they’re free from toxic chemicals, better for the environment, and softer on your skin.

I also got myself a cute little bag that I can keep them in (who doesn’t want an excuse to buy cute little bags on Etsy?)

It’s got an organic plastic lining on the inside and it fits perfectly in my purse. (If you do a search for “small wet bag” you’ll find a lot of options for these, too.)

I keep a few handkerchiefs in there at all times, and then when they are dirty I throw them into the wash along with my linen napkins and microfiber cloths. Nothing to it.

Does anyone else use fabric handkerchiefs or am I totally old-fashioned? I kind of want to get them monogrammed just to be extra fancy. Maybe I can also start wearing a monocle. Tut-tut, cheerio!

8 thoughts on “The Best Organic Ladies Handkerchiefs That Are Soft on Your Nose”

  1. I grew up with my aunt who was obsessed with handkerchiefs, she had hundreds and would iron to hem keeping them in near piles in her dresser. I love the soft feel of cotton on my nose and would never use anything but a cotton handkerchief. I prefer the large white ones that I buy by the dozen and always keep an ample supply on hand. They’re easy to wash and helps the environment as well!

  2. I have been using cloth napkins for some time now and never thought about my drawer full of cloth hankies. I have been saving them for years and did use them a lot when I was much younger. Since then I have only been using them in my evening bag when we would go out. I can’t wait to go upstairs and pull them out!! Thanks for the reminder!!! By the way a real soft hankie makes for a great blankie when your little one has to go somewhere without her blanket. “Hankie” even had her own little homemade needle point box to stay in when my daughters real “Blankie” was being used at home. She loved it because it was so soft and we made it a game of hiding it her pocket or shirt sleeve so no one would see it. :0)

  3. I tried my sons on organic cotton flannel hankies last year and it was a monumental failure. They hated them, I have lots for me now but there are times when we really hit hayfever time or cold season and there are never enough hankies in the house, or all their pockets. Heavens knows how I’d keep up if I had to keep buying endless packets of tissues.

  4. My Mum had hankies stashed all over the house when I grew up. There was usually one stuffed in the corners of a chair or under pillows. I feel lost without one and it is annoying to have an outfit with no pockets … or Long sleeves … stuffed in bra.
    Bamboo is excellent for its anti bacterial properties so very appropriate for noses.
    I had a dish cloth in fairly sturdy bamboo that remained white and seemed cleaner for a whole lot longer than plain cotton, but it didn’t last as many washes and I haven’t found a replacement.

  5. Hey, Jessica! I love your blog! When I was a kid, my father used to use nice white handkerchiefs. I started using handkerchiefs because my son had moved to Portland where he rode a bike all the time in the rain, all of which made his nose run. The problem was successfully using a tissue with one hand that wouldn’t fall apart or blow away. He got those big Army & Navy colorful bandanas, and I loved the idea so much that I started using them too.

  6. We gave up kleenex a couple years ago. Didn’t go with organic or anything but bought 3 or 4 packs of men’s hankies at the big box store and keep them in a basket on the back of the toilet. It took a while to convince my hubby but now it’s super easy and he’s always got one in his pocket ๐Ÿ™‚ We just toss them in the laundry basket and wash with the rest of our clothes. Glad others do this, too! Sometimes I get funny looks when guests use the bathroom. Once someone noted how nice it was that we have individual towels to dry hands. I didn’t have the heart to say it was a snot rag…. love going green!!

  7. i love hankies too!
    the soft, organic bamboo ones are fantastic.
    i also have some soft, pretty, cotton ones found at thrift stores and antique stores. lovely!

  8. I used to use handkerchiefs exclusively when I was an undergraduate. I had some gorgeous antique lace ones, some plain ones, and a bunch of beautiful Japanese hankies that my Japanese penpal gave me as a gift. I also got used to them very quickly and loved using them–not sure why I stopped! I think it may be time to revive the habit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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