Greener Every Week – Laundry Detergent

Replace your laundry detergent with a cheap, eco-friendly alternative

“Greener Every Week” is my ongoing series in which I do one (cheap, easy) thing every week to make my home or lifestyle more healthy & eco-friendly.

The first thing I have to admit right off the bat is that I’m not very finicky when it comes to laundry. I pretty much throw everything in on cold and call it a day, and I ditched fabric softener and dryer sheets a long time ago and never noticed a difference. So if you’re very particular about your laundry I might not be the most helpful person. However, if you want to have a few less chemicals, weird fragrances and dyes on your clothing, I have figured out a system that works for me and isn’t terribly expensive.

First, as I mentioned, just ditch the fabric softener and dryer sheets altogether. If you’ve never done laundry without them, just give it a try once or twice and see if you even notice a huge difference. It’s entirely possible you will, but I didn’t! Two less things to spend money on!

Second, you can switch to the “Eco” detergents – I’ve used Seventh Generation, Ecos, and Planet and they all worked relatively well – I would recommend Ecos because the ingredient list seems the cleanest of the commercial brands.

But now I’ve found something even better, because it’s super clean and I can use it for a lot of other stuff too!

By simply throwing in a tablespoon of Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Soap I can wash my clothes knowing that I’m not adding any questionable ingredients to them, and it’s cheaper than most of the Eco-Detergents as well. I have a front-loading HE washer, so if you have a regular one you may need to use 2-3 tablespoons – try it with a little and see if you feel like you should add more to get your clothes squeaky clean.

Note: Nobody has paid me in any way to endorse these products, I just genuinely like them and want to share my enthusiasm with you. If you click the link and buy them from Amazon I’ll make like 37 cents through their affiliate program, so that would be sweet, but that’s the only compensation happening around here.

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