Vegan Seafood Could Oust Plant-Based Meats As the Most In-Demand Vegan Trend

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In recent months, the increase in plant-based meat sales has escalated in light of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, as the New York Times reported, plant-based meat enjoyed a 35% spike in sales earlier this spring. Indeed, with many placing more of an emphasis on their health and immunity, more and more people have been turning to a plant-based, or at least partially plant-based diet amid these troubling times.

But is a life filled with plant-based burger patties and spicy vegan sausage all there is in the growing plant-based protein movement? Definitely not. If you widen that category to include vegan seafood alternatives, it’s clear that this is a rising trend as well, and may soon be poised to replace the plant-based meat craze.

A new report on illuminated the growing interest in vegan “seafood” and broke down its potential, particularly from an investment perspective: “In general, alternative seafood poses an enormous opportunity for investors. There’s huge potential for replicating the many types of seafood that end up on dinner plates,” wrote Christine Ro in the piece. “As well, shellfish allergy is the most common food allergy in many countries, creating space for shellfish simulacra (after all, lactose-sensitive people were important to the expansion of dairy-free milk).”

She continues, noting that some think the move from seafood that originates in an ocean to vegan seafood substitutes will happen more rapidly than the gravitation towards dairy-free milk products with overfishing of wild fish populations becoming an increasingly urgent issue. The article also points to vegan seafood company startups, BlueNalu and Shiok Meats (which is working on “cell-based crustacean” consumables), along with other enterprises. Here at Clean Green Simple’s HQ, we can’t get enough of the gourmet seafood alternatives from Sophie’s Kitchen, whether it’s the breaded shrimp or crab cakes.

Sophie’s Kitchen

In fact, just reading about all this vegan seafood has got us itching for a “toona” salad for lunch.

We guess that’s our cue to get popping open a can and getting to chopping up some fresh veggies.   

Perri O. Blumberg