Lentil & Eggplant Chili Mole

Creamy, savory lentil soup

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This is sort of the recipe version of the game Telephone. First Isa Chandra Moskowitz writes a cookbook called Appetite for Reduction, then Serious Eats posts a review of one of the recipes, and then I buy the cookbook and make the recipe as well.  I’m definitely the redundant element in this scenario, but you know, I made the darn thing and took pictures of it, so I may as well post it here and maybe you’ll buy the cookbook and everyone’s happy.  It’s a good recipe – I won’t bother reposting it, just go to the Serious Eats link and it’s already there.

The only changes I made were to sweat the eggplants (which just means I peeled & chopped them and then sprinkled them with salt and let them sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing the salt off and continuing with the recipe) – I don’t know if this was a particularly helpful thing to do in this recipe, but if you’re ever nervous about your eggplant being too tough or bitter sweating them can be helpful.

Sweaty eggplant. Don’t forget to rinse off the salt. Unless you *really* like salt.

I also omitted the agave nectar at the end simply because I try to avoid sugary stuff most of the time, but I’m sure it’s delicious with it as well.  All in all, this was a pretty tasty dish, and not terribly complicated to make.

Before simmering…
After simmering! Food magic!

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