7 Different Types of Olive Oil

There are a lot of different labels found on olive oil products and most don’t mean what you think. We’ll walk you through all the different types of olive oil and how best to use each.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The most flavourful and purest of all the olive oils, extra virgin, or EVOO, is widely considered the healthiest form of this popular oil.

Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is the less pure step-sibling to EVOO and typically has a milder taste.

Light Olive Oil

Don’t be fooled by the name. “Light” olive oil is named for its lighter hue, not because it contains fewer calories than other olive oils.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

This common label can be found on a variety of olive oil types and is usually represented in the name by the use of the word “virgin.”

Expeller Pressed Olive Oil

The alternative to cold-pressed oils are expeller-pressed oils.

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Photo: Volff / Bigstock