How to Grow Garlic in Pots in 9 Easy Steps

Garlic is a tricky crop to grow, but it can be done, even in a container garden. Here, we’ll show you how to grow garlic in pots in just nine simple steps.

Whether you plant softneck or hardneck garlic, it's best to plant in them in the fall. Hardneck bulbs need all spring and part of summer to develop. Softnecks will be ready earlier in spring.

Step 1: Start Early


Containers for garlic need to be at least 8 inches deep and have drainage holes in the bottom. You can fit about 8 cloves per 10 inches of diameter in your pot, so choose a size accordingly.

Step 2: Pick a Container


Garlic requires well-draining soil. It can rot if your area gets a lot of precipitation. Use a 3:1 blend of quality potting soil to compost. You can add builder's sand to increase drainage if necessary.

Step 3: Fill it with Soil


Garlic is a bulb plant, which means the key to getting healthy, super-sized heads, is to use a high phosphorus fertilizer. Look for an organic fertilizer marketed for plants like daffodils or tulips.

Step 4: Fertilize


Break your garlic into individual cloves and plant them 3 to 4 inches apart, with the pointy end up. The base of the clove (where the roots will sprout) needs to be about 3 inches deep.

Step 5: Plant

Natallia Ustsinava/Bigstock

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