How to Grow Radishes In Pots—The Perfect Root Veggie for Containers

Fast-growing radishes are a great vegetable to add to your container garden. Learn how to grow radishes in pots and how to choose the best variety for you.

1. Choose a cool sunny spot

Radishes are a cool-season vegetable. This means they prefer to be planted and mature while the average temperatures are around 60 degrees.

2. Find a wide, deep pot

To maximize your yield, look for a pot that is wide and at least 6 inches deep. If you are growing oblong radishes you may need a pot closer to 10 inches deep.

3. Add loose potting soil

Good quality potting soil is essential for all container gardens, but it is especially important when you are growing root vegetables.

4. Choose multiple varieties

By choosing multiple varieties that mature at different times, you can assure your harvest comes in waves, rather than all at once.

5. Sow seeds when the weather is cool

Plant your radish seeds directly into your pot in early spring. In most climates, this can be done up to a month before the last frost.

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Photo: cha_cha / Shutterstock