How to Eat Vegetarian (and Even Vegan!) at Taco Bell

Looking for fast, affordable, veggie-friendly meal choices? Here are our favorite Taco Bell vegetarian options-and quite a few vegan choices as well.

1. Veggie Power Menu Bowl

Not only is this flavorful bowl packed with tasty ingredients, but it is lighter on the processed carbs than most other options on the menu.

2. 7-Layer Burrito

Wanting something just a touch heartier? This packed seven-layer burrito is sure to fill you up and you don’t even have to ask them to hold the meat.

3. Spicy Tostada

This crunchy classic is layered high for a tasty meal on the go–just remember to grab the napkins.

Like the idea of a crunchy treat but want a little more? This take on the traditional beef crunchwrap supreme is sure to hit the spot.

4. Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme

There’s not a lot of tricks or thrills with this meal of black beans and seasoned rice, but it does make for a flavorful pick me up. 

5. Black Beans and Rice

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