What to Plant in a Fall Vegetable Garden

Not sure what to plant in your fall vegetable garden? We’ve got 22 great options that will keep you well-supplied in homegrown produce straight into winter.


Arugula is a cool season lover that also grows very quickly, making it the perfect choice for your fall garden. This open-leafed lettuce is frost tolerant and very hardy.


Bush beans are a heat-loving summer veggie that grow impressively fast. This makes them a great candidate for midsummer planting.


Growing them in the fall tends to produce better results than in the spring because the colder temperatures after maturation bring about brighter colors and a sweeter taste.

Broccoli is frost-hardy but takes a long time to mature. They can be a little tricky to time right in fall, but it is well worth it.


Brussel sprouts are a long-season crop that is frost-hardy. In most climates, this relative of broccoli is planted in early spring for a fall crop.

Brussels Sprouts

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