11 Best Garlic Keepers

Garlic keepers are a great way to extend your garlic’s shelf life. But with so many options, how do you know what the best garlic keeper is? Hint: we’ve got 11 right here.

For a well-designed garlic keeper, it doesn’t get better than the Le Tauci ceramic keeper. This product features a classic design and all the features you need to keep your garlic fresh.

1. Le Tauci Garlic Keeper

Gaelle Marcel / Unsplash

This simple, but highly-functional natural terracotta keeper is perfect for both humid and dry environments. 

2. Henry Watson Suffolk Collection Garlic Keeper

Team Voyas / Unsplash

This highly-rated garlic keeper features a flip lid for convenience and a clean design to fit any kitchen aesthetic. Plus, it comes in three wonderful colors.

3. Ontube Garlic Keeper

Mike Kenneally / Unsplash

This well-crafted garlic keeper does more than just keep your garlic fresh, it also doubles as a baker for moist and delicious roasted garlic and onions.

4. Norpro Large Garlic Baker

Surya Prakash / Unsplash

This petite garlic keeper will blend in easily with the rest of your produce. It’s affordable, adorable, and perfect for a single head of garlic.

5. Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper

Ji JIali / Unsplash

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