14 Plant-Based Vegan Calcium Sources

If you follow a vegan diet, then getting your calcium through dairy isn’t an option. Here are 14 plant-based vegan calcium sources that do more than replace cow's milk at the table.

If you’re looking for a plant-based milk replacement, almond milk is a great choice. Most almond milk products contain more calcium than dairy milk, and it's more readily available for your body to use.

Almond Milk

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A whole orange contains about 74 mg, or 8% of your RDI. But it’s fortified orange juice that really delivers. A serving of orange juice fortified with minerals contains, on average, 300mg of calcium, or 30% of your RDI.

Fortified Orange Juice

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Soy already has high levels of calcium. But tofu, which is typically processed with calcium sulfate, has even more! A large serving of extra firm tofu (½ cup), contains 10 to 19% of your daily RDI of calcium.


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One surprisingly good source of calcium is blackstrap molasses. It has a whopping 179 milligrams of calcium (18% RDI) per tablespoon and is loaded with iron and other valuable minerals vegans need.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Fresh figs only contain a small amount of calcium. But when you remove the water, you end up with an excellent source of calcium. A large serving of dried figs (100g) provides 162 mg of calcium or about 17% of your RDI.

Dried Figs

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