20 Must-Have Staples for a Vegan Pantry

Getting started on your vegan journey requires having the right tools at your disposal. Here, we’ll give you the low down on all the must-have vegan staples you’ll need in your pantry.

Nuts are a must-have for any vegan connoisseur. These plant staples provide plenty of healthy energy and omega-3 fatty acids and can also be used to create more necessities like nut butters, creamy sauces, and yogurt. 


Unless you plan to make your own fresh pasta, having some dry pasta on hand is always a good idea. Bow-tie, spaghetti, and rotini make for easy meals in a pinch. 


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Whether it’s brown rice or wild rice, this common staple is one worth having around. Many Eastern dishes rely on rice as a base. Plus, rice is an easy way to add fiber and minerals to your diet.


Different from rice in many key ways, quinoa is another dry good staple worth having on hand. Though treated as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed, and it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.


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Beans are another dry staple that you just can’t have too many of. They are an important source of protein, iron, and other nutrients. They’re also packed with antioxidants and fiber.


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