4 Vegetables We Love Throwing on the Grill This Summer

Jazz up your summer grilling routine with the addition of these superb vegetables.

One of the top grilling tips I learned in culinary school was to marinate veggies for 5-30 minutes grilling them to give them a flavor boost, and zucchini is no exception.



You may not think to grill these petite tomatoes, but they actually play nice with char and make a beautiful addition to plant-based entrées like pasta salad or a hearty bean salad.

Cherry Tomatoes


A hearty ‘shroom on a toasted bun with all the fixings makes for the perfect easy summer meal. Another tip from culinary school? Grilled veggies taste splendid at room temperature.

Portobello Mushrooms


Yes, you can grill Romaine lettuce, and you should add it to your grilling repertoire pronto. With a mild char, Romaine lettuce is imbued with a more nuanced flavor for salad recipes.

Romaine Lettuce

Gecko Studio/Bigstock

Okay, it’s not a vegetable, but a slab of watermelon on the grill is a summer staple. Not only does it taste great eaten plain, but it lends salads a beautiful note of smoke and sweetness.


Olga Miltsova/Bigstock

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