6 Tips for Growing Fragrant Lavender in Pots

Lavender is the perfect plant to dress up your entry or deck. Here are six tips for successfully growing lavender in pots.

Choose a pot that is at least a foot deep and has plenty of drainage holes (or add a few more with a drill). Lavender likes dry soil and will fade quickly in overly damp environments.

1. Choose the Perfect Pot

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Fill the bottom inch or two of your pot with small rocks or pea gravel to help facilitate drainage. Then fill the rest of the container with alkaline, sandy, well-draining potting soil.

2. Fill It with the Right Stuff

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Lavender loves the sun and needs at least eight hours of direct light per day. A south-facing porch or sunny balcony make great locations for your new lavender pots.

3. Choose a Sunny Location

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Let your lavender pot dry out somewhat between waterings. When you do water, do so deeply. Flowering plants will require more water than those without buds.

4. Water Sparingly

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Avoid pruning the thick woody branches of the plant. Instead, focus on trimming back the leafy branches. To encourage flower growth, only do a light pruning of dead stalks in the spring.

5. Pruning

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