8 Tips for Successfully Growing Cucumbers In Pots

Cucumbers can be a little tricky to grow. But with our 8 tips for growing cucumbers in pots, you are sure to get a bountiful harvest even if you don’t have a garden.

1. Choose a sunny location

Most varieties are heat tolerant, so a bright, sunny, south-facing wall generally works well.

Plastic, ceramic, and even cloth pots all make excellent choices for growing cucumbers.

2. Pick the right pot

3. Fill your pot with rich soil

This special soil helps retain moisture and airflow better than traditional garden soil.

4. Direct sow your seeds

Cucumbers notoriously do not do well with transplanting. For this reason, it is better to buy seeds and direct sow them into your pots than to buy seedlings.

5. Water consistently and add fertilizer as needed

The key is to keep the soil consistently moist to the touch at all times, without allowing the dirt to get soggy.

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Photo: Tanyki88 / Bigstock