How to Grow Basil in Pots Year-Round

Basil is a staple in the kitchen and a great way to add flavor to many dishes. Here are six tips for growing basil in pots so this tasty herb is always within arm's reach.

1. Pick the Right Container

Small containers are perfect for putting on the window sill inside, while larger containers are great for outside since they will hold moisture longer.

2. Buy the Right Soil

Basil likes constant moisture but will struggle in soil that’s too wet or too dry. An organic vegetable potting soil will work best in pots.

3. Find the Best Spot

Basil loves warmth and the sun. Six hours of sun per day is the minimum recommended. A sunny spot on the patio during the late spring and into summer is perfect.

4. Germinate or Root

Basil seeds do require sunlight to germinate, so make sure to only cover them with about a quarter-inch of soil.

5. Keep it Moist

Frequent watering is important for basil, but don’t overdo it.

As long as your pot drains easily, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about overwatering.

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©David Jalda/Bigstock