How to Grow Sweet and Plentiful Sugar Snap Peas

Growing sugar snap peas is a great way to provide your family with a healthy snack and your garden with some much-needed nitrogen.

Set Your Garden Up for a Bountiful Crop

Sugar snap peas need to climb, which means you will have to do a little planning before you put your seeds or seedlings in the ground.

Provide the Right Amount of Water and Food

As the weather begins to warm and your plants start to grow expect to have to water more frequently.

When and How to Harvest Your Sugar Snap Peas

Some types may be ready for harvesting about a week after flowers appear while others can take closer to two.

How to Grow Sugar Snap Peas in Containers

Narrow pots work better than circular ones for growing peas. Choose one that is at least six inches deep for bush varieties or one foot deep for viny types.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Sugar Snap Peas?

Most sugar snap pea varieties take about two months from germination to begin fruiting.

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