How to Successfully Grow Eggplant in Containers

Mini eggplants are beauty queens of the vegetable world, providing wonderful ornamental plants for patio containers and producing veggies with very little work.

1. Pick Your Pots

The most important factor for any pot is drainage, so make sure your pot has plenty of holes in the bottom and don’t be afraid to drill out a few more if needed.

2. Choose Your Soil

Most standard potting soils will work fine, but those made to hold more moisture may need to be mixed with a little mulch to promote better drainage.

3. Plant Your Eggplants

If you would rather go the route of starting your plants from seeds, do so inside about eight to ten weeks before the last frost date for cooler climates.

4. Find a Sunny Spot

Keeping your plants in a sunny location and moving them inside on cool nights will help them grow faster and stronger.

5. Fertilize and Water

Check your containers at least twice a day and water well when the top layer of soil begins to dry.

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