Clean Green Concepts: What Is Permaculture?

Permaculture is more than a way to garden, it’s a lifestyle, much like veganism. Find out what permaculture is and how you can use its principles to turn your yard into an ecosystem oasis.

Site Assessment

Before a site can be integrated into a living ecosystem, you need to understand its conditions, including climate, soil quality, water availability, topography, and existing vegetation.

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5 Principles of Permaculture Ethics

Utilize the information you gathered during your site observation to place elements of your yard so they have the greatest impact on your overall ecosystem. 


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Permaculture relies on planting diverse species and companion plants to create more resilient, productive, and environmentally friendly landscapes. 

Diversity and Companion Planting

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You can design your own yard to be sustainable on its own products and waste through a variety of practices, including: rain water harvesting, food forests, composting, and more.

Sustainable Practices

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One of the biggest differences between permaculture and other gardening practices is that this isn’t just a methodology for gardening—it’s a methodology for living. And at the heart of this lifestyle is a strong community.

Community and Ethics

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