15 Different Types of Cauliflower and How to Cook with Them

Cauliflower is a much more diverse vegetable than most people realize. Here are our 15 favorite different types of cauliflower and some tips on how to utilize each in the kitchen.

Cheddar Hybrid

It makes a great addition to Indian dishes and other savory meals that benefit from a slightly-sweet twist.

Photo: True Leaf Market

Fioretto Cauliflower

It has a uniquely sweet yet nutty flavor and retains a crunchy texture even after cooking.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Flame Star Hybrid

With a simple buttery, nutty flavor, the flame star performs well in a variety of dishes.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Graffiti Hybrid

The dense heads of the graffiti hybrid have a slightly sweet, mild taste. The florets retain their impressive color even when exposed to heat.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Romanesco Cauliflower

It is excellent baked with oil and spices, but can also be used in dishes to replace more common types of cauliflower.

Photo: True Leaf Market

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Photo: Yulia Petrova / Bigstock