20 Different Types of Lettuce to Revamp Your Salad

Tired of the same old lunch? Change up the flavor profile and add some life to your daily salad with these 20 different types of lettuce and greens.

1. Arugula

This green is thicker than any real lettuce variety and has a lower water content, giving it more of a chewy texture.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

2. Baby Beet Greens

These greens have a sweet and mild flavor and the stems are far less bitter than those of other ribby greens like kale.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

3. Batavia Lettuce

It is a thin lettuce with crisp ribs that will add more in terms of visual and textural appeal than it will flavor.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

4. Bibb Lettuce

Outer leaves of these loosely packed heads are buttery and soft while the small inner leaves pack a bit more of a crunch.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

5. Boston Lettuce

Boston lettuce is most often used in place of tortillas and bread for a low-carb sandwich and wrap options.

Photo: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

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Photo: Shelley Pauls on Unsplash