39 Different Types of Edible Mushrooms

Looking to expand your culinary palate? Exploring different types of edible mushrooms is a great way to do it. Here are 39 fungi worth hunting down.

Bay Bolete Mushroom

A distant relative of the more commonly known porcini, the Bay Bolete mushroom has a mild flavor.

©stux / Pixabay

Black Trumpet Mushroom

It is packed with protein and contains sugar-alcohols that give it a sweet taste but with a lower net carb count than many sweet vegetables.

©Karin Romdahl / Pixabay

Caesar’s Mushroom

It is native to Southern Europe and Northern Africa and was a favorite of the Roman nobility. It is most commonly eaten in the juvenile button stage.

©Lazaregagnidze / CC BY-SA 3.0

They can reach huge sizes and, with all those crevices, can be quite the project to clean up, but the flavor is worth it.

Cauliflower Mushroom

©minka2507 / Pixabay

Charcoal Burner Mushroom

It is a versatile mushroom in the kitchen and, despite it’s softer raw consistency, retains a preferable texture when cooked.

©Björn S… / CC BY-SA 2.0

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