Dried & Fresh Dates: A Comprehensive Guide

Dried and fresh dates are a tasty and nutritious snack and a versatile item to have in your vegan pantry. Find out everything you never knew about this super-sweet and highly useful fruit.

Khalal dates are yellow or red, round, and the size of a large grape or small Roma tomato. This stage has the highest water content, but it’s still considerably lower than most fruits.

Khalal dates

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Rutab dates are at the peak of ripeness. They have about 30% less water than khalal dates and are much sweeter. In this stage, the skin of the fruit has turned brown and begun to wrinkle.

Rutab dates

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Tamr dates are the ones most people are familiar with. These sun-dried dates have a moisture content of less than 10%. The sugars are ultra-concentrated, making them incredibly sweet.

Tamr dates

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These large dates are the most popular variety eaten across the world. They are reddish-brown and contain more moisture than many other dates in the tamr stage.

Medjool Dates

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These small, very dry dates have a low glycemic index due to a high fructose concentration. This makes them an excellent sweet snack option for people with diabetes.

Piarom Dates

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