35 Foods that Are Surprisingly Not Vegan

Are you committed to eating an animal-friendly diet? You’ll want to know about these 35 foods that are surprisingly not vegan.


Some popular bagel chains have been found to use cysteine in their recipes. This conditioning agent is made from duck and chicken feathers.

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Say it ain’t so! Some traditional brewers use animal-based finings–ingredients to clarify beer–in their brewing process.

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Some products are made with eggs and/or milk. This is especially common in sweeter bread varieties.

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Think milk chocolate is the only cocoa product with milk in it? Think again. Many dark chocolate varieties also contain dairy ingredients.


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Coffee Syrups

You may want to take pause before adding a pump of flavoring to your almond milk latte. As it turns out, some of these flavoring syrups are made with dairy products.

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