Growing Carrots in Containers: 8 Tips for a Generous Harvest

Growing carrots in containers may sound like a strange idea, but with a few simple steps, even the novice patio gardener can reap a healthy harvest of these tasty root veggies.

1. Choose a Sunny Location

You’ll want to choose a south or west-facing location around your home to put your pots.

2. Select the Right Carrot Variety

There are limitless options when it comes to carrot varieties, but for container planting, you’ll want to focus on those types that tend to be smaller and rounder.

3. Choose a Deep Container

Typically, you’ll want a container that is about twice as deep as the mature size of your carrot variety.

4. Plant Your Seeds Before the Last Freeze

Because carrots are a cool-season plant, you’ll want to get your seeds in the soil before the last freeze so they will germinate just as spring takes over.

5. Thin Your Crop

This is important for the health of your plants since overcrowding reduces airflow and breeds disease, and also to assure you get plenty of well-structured carrots come harvest time.

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Photo Credit: darksoul72/Bigstock