How to Grow Strawberries In Pots In 8 Easy Steps

Strawberries aren’t the easiest crops to grow in containers, but it can be done so long as you do a few key things.

1. Choose Your Location

If you live in a mild climate, then set your strawberry containers on a south-facing porch or patio.

2. Choose the Right Containers and Soil

Make sure you choose a strawberry pot that is light in color to reflect some of the sunlight.

In terms of soil, fill the pots with loamy potting soil that will hold moisture without getting boggy.

3. Choose Your Starter Plants

Starting strawberries from seed is a long, difficult process and not recommended unless you are a very patient person.

4. Water and Feed Often

Water frequently enough through the spring to keep the soil moist without overdoing it.

5. Snip the Runners

If you are growing strawberries as ornamental plants, then by all means let the runners drape over the sides of the container.

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