How to Tell if Dragon Fruit Is Ripe

Find out how to tell if a dragon fruit is ripe, how to store it, and the best ways to prepare and enjoy this unique and delicious fruit.

How to Tell if Dragon Fruit Is Ripe

Fruits are typically harvested before they become ripe to allow time for transport.



A ripe fruit will give somewhat if squeezed, similar to an avocado. Too much give means the fruit is likely to be overripe.


For typical dragon fruit varieties, this means bright, vibrant fuchsia to red coloring and scales tipped in lime green to yellow.


Some discoloration is expected on ripe fruits and is often indicative of flesh that has begun to sweeten.


How to Store Dragon Fruit

Ripe dragon fruits can be stored on the counter if you plan to eat them within a couple of days.

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Photo: ThaiThu/Depositphotos