Is Being Vegan Expensive?

As food prices skyrocket, many want to save money wherever they can. This has plenty of consumers wondering, is being vegan expensive? We have that answer and our best money-saving grocery tips, here.

Being a vegan means following a diet that contains no animal products. This definition extends to obvious foods like meat and fish. It also includes less obvious products such as dairy, eggs, and even honey.

What Is a Vegan Diet?


The most obvious benefit is for the animals, but studies have shown that eating a plant-based diet offers health benefits and is good for the environment. More recently, studies have shown that going vegan can help you save money as well.

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

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According to the Kantar study, the average home-prepared, meat-containing meal costs about $1.91 per plate. Meanwhile, the average vegan meal costs about $1.14.

The Average Cost of Going Vegan


Whole-food vegan diets use simple ingredients to build on the standard meal base. Fruits, vegetables, soy, seeds, and nuts are used in various combinations to create delicious dishes.

Whole-Food, Plant-Based

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Vegan diets become more costly when you begin including commercial processed meat and dairy alternatives.

Processed Vegan Alternatives

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