The Secret to Making Crispy Hash Browns

If you’re craving a diner-inspired breakfast, try this crispy hash browns recipe. With a simple kitchen hack, you’ll be able to make the best crispy golden hash browns you’ve ever tasted.


Russet potatoes Oil Salt and pepper

Photo: Kirsten Nunez

Step 1:

Wash the potatoes under cool running water, then pat dry. Peel the potatoes.


Step 2:

Grate the potatoes using the larger holes on the grater. The actual size of the shredded potatoes will depend on your grater.

Step 3:

Add shredded potatoes to the potato ricer, filling it about halfway. You’ll have to work in batches.

Step 4:

Hold the ricer above a bowl. Squeeze until the excess water drips out the bottom. Avoid pushing the potatoes all the way through.

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Photo: Kirsten Nunez