The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

Starting your journey on a vegan or vegetarian diet doesn't have to be scary. With our plant-based diet for beginners guide, you'll get tips, health facts, a one-week sample menu, and more.

Plant-based diets center around foods that come from the earth rather than foods that come from animals. There are 4 main types: - Vegetarian Diet - Vegan Diet - Flexitarian - Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

What Is a Plant-Based Diet?

 - Supports Cardiovascular    Health - Encourages Weight Loss - Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk - Supports Brain Health - Reduces Cancer Risk - Supports Immune Health

Health Benefits

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Animal agriculture releases more greenhouse gasses than the entire transportation sector, is responsible for 90% of US water consumption, and is the leading cause of species extinction and ocean dead zones.

Environmental Benefits

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Over 55 billion animals are killed for their meat in the US every year. This one’s fairly simple: Without a demand for animal products, there is no profit in the exploitation or death of animals.

Ethical Benefits

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Studies have shown that going vegetarian or vegan will save you money—about $0.77 per meal on average. If saving money on groceries is important to you, there are ways to stretch these savings even more.

Financial Benefits


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