36 Different Types of Pasta

Looking to take a tastebud-tour of Italy? From the familiar to the downright obscure, we’ve got you covered with these 36 different types of pasta.

Angel Hair

Known in Italy as capelli d’angelo, angel hair pasta is a thinner version of capellini, which itself is a thin version of spaghetti.

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This long, hollow noodle has the magic ability to suck up sauce so you can enjoy your pasta not just coated with tomato sauce or olive oil, but infused with it!



It is something like a hybrid between a shell and macaroni with an extra twist. All those nooks and crannies make it the perfect noodle to enjoy with thick sauces like ragu or alfredo.

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These oversized tubes are perfect for stuffing with cheese and veggies and slathering in sauce.




This pasta can be enjoyed with a variety of sauces but is especially well suited for Sicilian pesto.


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