3 Best Ways to Wash Strawberries

This easy hack for cleaning strawberries with vinegar is cheap, quick, and removes pesticide residue and microorganisms so your strawberries get cleaner and stay fresh longer.

Strawberries are featured at the top of the dirty dozen fruit and vegetable list. Why? Because these fruits get doused with pesticides during conventional production.

Why Clean Strawberries?

When used as a soak, vinegar kills bacteria, fungus, and insects. It also removes chemicals, pesticides, and dirt.

The Best Way to Clean Strawberries: Vinegar

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Step 1:

Mix 4 cups of water with 1 cup vinegar in a large bowl. Be sure to use cool water.

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How to Clean Strawberries with Vinegar

Add the strawberries to the vinegar water. Let them soak for 5 minutes in the cold-water-vinegar solution.

Step 2:

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Dump the vinegar solution and rinse the berries well under cold water. Spread the strawberries over a clean paper towel, then blot with a paper towel until dry.

Step 3:

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