6 Best Vegan Kids Vitamins of 2023

Registered Dietitian Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD, offers her top picks for kids vitamins based on key nutrients, ingredient quality, 3rd party testing, and nutrient bioavailability.

FutureKind Organic Vegan Kids Multivitamin Gummies are designed to support the overall health of growing kids using plant-derived ingredients.

1. FutureKind Organic Vegan Kids Multivitamin Gummies

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Ritual is a female-owned company that takes pride in creating evidence-based products primarily for women, mothers, and children.

2. Ritual’s Essential for Kids Multivitamin

Photo courtesy of Ritual

With this new product for kids, Goli offers a formulation with ingredients you can pronounce, since this is increasingly important to many families.

3. Goli Complete Kids Multi Gummies

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MaryRuth’s multivitamin vegan gummies use pectin and are made with several organic ingredients and use natural plant-based flavors and colors.

4. MaryRuth’s Vegan Kids Multivitamin Gummies

Image courtesy of MaryRuth’s

This is a comprehensive child’s multivitamin that contains the whole gamut of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D and B12, iodine, and choline. 

5. ChildLife Essentials Multi Vitamin and Mineral

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