8 Best Vegan Chocolate Brands for Baking & Melting

Looking for dairy-free chocolate to create epic cruelty-free baked goods? Here are the 8 best vegan chocolate brands for baking and melting. From semisweet to unsweetened, we’ve got you covered.

Pascha is all about making simple chocolate products using organic, plant-based ingredients. You can get traditional unsweetened, semisweet, vegan milk chocolate, and vegan white chocolate from Pascha. 


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Pure Food’s 100% vegan baking chocolate is made by chocolate from the famous chocolatier, Barrie Callebaut. These chocolates are smooth and creamy and melt exceptionally well in the oven.

Pure Food

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We love Hu for its exclusive use of organic, fair-trade, whole-food ingredients. Hu baking chocolate chips are semisweet and contain 60% cocoa. There is no added sugar or sweeteners aside from organic dates. 


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Lakanto is another quality baking chocolate with no added sugar. These chips use monk fruit extract as a sweetener. This with chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and added stabilizers makes for an excellent baking chip.


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Lily’s focus is on creating sweets using fair-trade, non-GMO ingredients that are gluten-free and free from refined sugars. Their vegan, sugar-free semisweet chips contain 55% cocoa, erythritol, and stevia. 


Rita Patrese / Unsplash

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