Best Vegan Cuisine from Around the World

More people worldwide are embracing plant-based eating habits. This means more delicious food options for all of us. Here is some of the best vegan cuisine inspired by the cultures of the world.

Vegan Indian fare centers around rice dishes, such as curry with ingredients like chickpeas, hummus, potatoes, and veggies. These dishes are incredibly flavorful thanks to garlic, cumin, turmeric, and coriander.


©Kirsten Nunez

Soups and noodle dishes are big in Taiwan and many of their meat-free dishes use these bases. Dougan, a type of dried tofu, is a popular staple in these recipes and is often sold as street fare. 


Tyler Kiser / Unsplash

Most Ethiopian dishes are one-pot style stews that are eaten with a special kind of scooping bread, known as injera. These stews are heavy in vegetables, lentils, and other legumes.


Biruk Gashawbeza / Unsplash

The United Kingdom is the world’s fastest-growing vegan hotspot. Out are heavy lamb and beef-based stews and bakes. In are hearty lentil and bean dishes with extra vegetables.

United Kingdom

Betty Subrizi / Unsplash

The staples of Italian cuisine are fresh veggies, traditional pasta, and olive oil. With the exception of some egg-containing pasta varieties, these ingredients are all naturally vegan.


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