Green Onions vs Scallions vs Spring Onions: Is There a Difference?

Not sure what the difference is between green onions vs scallions? It’s more complicated than you might think, but we’ll help you sort it out.

The Real Difference: Age

As it turns out, green onions, scallions, and spring onions are not actually different types or different species of onions.

The life cycle of an onion

As the plant matures, more stalk-like leaves form until each onion has two or three green stalks sprouting from a single, white rooted base.


Green onions vs scallions

Scallion is the term for an onion harvested early on in the life cycle before the bulb begins to swell.

Green onion is technically the term for an onion harvested during the next stage of the life cycle.

Because scallions are harvested so early on in the life cycle, they have the mildest flavor of the three.

A Difference in Flavor

Green onions have a slightly more pungent flavor and bring more of that unique sharp onion character to the dish.

Spring onions have much more of that typical onion flavor and would easily overpower a dish if used raw.

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