How to Skin (Peel) and Cut Ginger

Ginger isn’t as hard to prepare as you might think. With our easy hack, you can peel and cut, slice, dice, or mince fresh ginger in no time at all.

The easiest way to peel ginger doesn’t involve a knife. Instead, all you’ll need is a small spoon. A spoon with sharp edges works best, but any type of small eating spoon will do.

Best Way to Peel Ginger

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Cut the end off of each piece of ginger you work with to create a smooth starting surface. Grip the piece and slice it into coins of your desired thickness.

How to Cut Ginger

After cutting your ginger into slices, stack them, three or four high. Using a downward knife motion, slice through the pieces to create slivers of your desired thickness. 


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First slice and then julienne your ginger. Then, turn the knife perpendicular to the slivers and cut again to create small cubes. Repeat as necessary.


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To mince your ginger, you can use a grater or you can continue finely chopping until until the ginger is minced to your desired size.


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