How to Choose the Best Knife Set

Quality knives can make meal prep a pleasure. Here's how to choose the best knives for your needs and our favorite set to use at home and gift to family and friends.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel knives are the most common. They come in various gauges, different prices, and different levels of durability.

Photo courtesy of The Cooking Guild

What to Look for in a Knife Set

Carbon steel is one step up from stainless steel. These knives can be sharpened to a finer edge than stainless steel and retain their edge far longer. They are also easy to sharpen at home.

Carbon Steel

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Damascus steel knives combine many advantages of stainless steel and carbon steel. These blades are forged with multiple layers of steel to create a stronger, more durable blade.

Damascus Steel

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Ceramic knives have many advantages. Quality ceramic knives are sharp and lightweight, which makes them easier to use. On the downside, ceramic blades can be brittle and fragile. 


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Most budget knife blades consist of stamped metal, which is not as durable as forged blades. Forged blades tend to be more durable, retain a sharper edge longer, and offer better balance.

Blade Construction

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