How to Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors in 5 Easy Steps

Grow fresh herbs right in your own kitchen with this easy how-to-grow guide. Plus, we’ll show you our favorite set-ups for less than ideal growing spaces.

If you are new to indoor gardening, we recommend choosing your preferred variety of oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, cilantro, or chives. Mint is also a good candidate, especially for novice gardeners.

1. Choose the right plants

Any color, material, and shape will do so long as it has good drainage and is big enough to support a mature plant. We recommend pots with a minimum diameter of four inches to start.

2. Choose the right pots

A south-facing window is the best option, but large, bright west or east windows will work as well. Make sure to rotate your plants frequently as they mature to assure thick growth on all sides.

3. Find the best spot

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Herbs enjoy moist soil, but won’t fare well if they get too soggy. Check your soil daily by pressing on the dirt near the base of the plant. As soon as it feels dry to the touch, give them a good soaking in the sink.

4. Water, feed, repeat

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Once your plant has numerous leaves and branches, begin harvesting by pinching off sprigs just above a mature leaf pair. Harvesting frequently from all sides of the plant will encourage bushy, symmetrical growth.

5. Harvest and enjoy

Marcus Spiske / Unsplash

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