How to Harvest and Dry Homegrown Basil

Learn how to harvest this easy to grow herb and how to dry basil using air drying or a dehydrator so you can continue to enjoy your harvest throughout the year.

How to Harvest Basil Out of the Garden

To avoid problem with your own homegrown basil, it is important to be as gentle as possible.


1. Harvest based on the size of your plant

Once a plant has reached six leaves, it is big enough to harvest from.

2. Prune back flower stalks

To keep your plant producing plenty of tasty leaves all season, trim back any flowering stalks as they appear.

How to Dry Basil by Air Drying

Basil leaves are thick and oily, making them a challenge to air dry, but it can be done with a little patience.


1. Bind the stalks together

If needed, start by rinsing your basil to remove any bugs or dirt. Once washed, lay the branches down on a piece of paper towel and allow them to dry fully before moving on.

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Photo: gorchittza2012/Bigstock