Hydrate Smarter: 7 Best Functional Beverages

Looking to take your hydration game to the next level? Why not add nutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens to the mix? You’ll get that and more with our picks for best functional beverages.

For a grab-and-go functional drink, go for Happy Being’s Healthy line. It comes in three fantastic flavors: blueberry, cucumber mint, and peach rose.

Best Ready to Drink: Happy Being

Photo courtesy of Happy Being

Looking for a little pick-me-up you can throw back when cold and flu bugs are trying to get you down? Greenhouse Juice Company has the answer.

Best Shot: Greenhouse Juice Company

Photo courtesy of Greenhouse Juice Company

We’ve always been partial to products that utilize whole-food, superfood ingredients. That's just one reason we love Kos Organic Superfood Blends.

Best Superfood Blends: Kos 

Photo courtesy of Kos

Loose leaf teas provide valuable nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Herbaly connects that to superfood nutrition to bring us a line of functional teas for every need.

Best Tea: Herbaly

Photo courtesy of Herbaly

Looking for a way to support cognition, brain function, and healthy aging? Noobru is the focused functional drink powder for you.

Best Brain Support: Noobru

Photo courtesy of Noobru

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