Our Favorite Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Control

Future Kind is known for its vegan supplements. Now, they’re trying their hand at vegan meal replacements. Find out why we love this new product and how it can help you lose weight.

Every quality meal replacement shake should contain three key features. It needs to be protein packed, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and lastly, of course, it needs to taste great!

Future Kind’s Plant-Powered Meal Replacement Shake

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Future Kind’s Meal Replacement Shake contains three different kinds of plant-powered protein to provide you with stable, lasting energy and to help you feel fuller longer.

Protein Packed

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Unlike other powdered meals that rely on synthetic vitamins and minerals, Future Kind utilizes powerful superfoods to provide whole-food nutrition for maximum absorption.

Full of Micronutrients

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While the ingredients are great, they can’t do much if you can’t get them down. Luckily, Future Kind tastes great too. This vanilla shake has a sweet, creamy flavor that goes down easy.

Tastes Great

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Ghrelin is one of the digestive hormones responsible for appetite control. To help combat the effects of ghrelin, Future Kind included ingredients  known to reduce ghrelin production.

Ghrelin and Weight Loss

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