Best Vegetables to Plant in Fall to Extend Your Harvest

If you aren’t extending your growing season by sowing fall veggies, you are missing out. Here are 16 of the best vegetables to plant in fall for a late-season harvest. 

Most types of lettuce are semi-hardy and can survive light frosts, especially with a little help from row covers or cold frames. Sow your first seeds about 8 weeks before the first frost date.


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Kale is one of the hardiest of cool-season greens. In fact, in many climates, this biennial crop will continue producing leaves throughout the winter even without special treatment. 


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Spinach is a hardy green, but only in its mature form. Smaller plants can suffer if the weather turns, but larger plants can continue producing well after the first frost.


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If you already have chard in your garden from your late spring crop, leave it there! This green prefers cooler weather but will survive through the heat of the summer if given the chance. 

Swiss Chard

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Carrots take a little extra time to mature compared to other root veggies, so choosing the right type for your climate is key. Smaller varieties that mature in less than 60 days are optimal.


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